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The new vision of online mini loans

The new vision of online mini loans by society is evident, we analyze this phenomenon

Until recently, in economic terms, there were no online mini loans. People came to your bank with the assurance that they would get a loan quickly and without too many questions. 

These credits were not what is said “mini”, they were for important amounts, for example for the mortgage or the purchase of the family car. Today it is unthinkable to be earning € 900 per month and go to request a loan, on top of pretending to get it fast. But that has changed with the arrival of mini online credits

Today is marked by an economic crisis that has dismantled the entire Spanish dream (paraphrasing the Americans), which has resulted in a closure to credit by the most important financial institutions in our country.

But … what happens if I get an unexpected expense? If that happens, and of course it is something usual, we only have a few exits: maybe go to our family and closest friends, or talk to the boss and ask for an advance. Some people even take risks in the game or try to make money in La Red. Others take ideas of how to get fast financing of things as practical as the sale of objects that they no longer use or, even, reaching an agreement with some company to obtain a mini credit backed by your car.

There are many supposed ways to get money instantly , the bad is that many times it is not possible, however easy and fast it may seem.

Ask for an advance to my boss? If I’m unemployed …

To my family? They have already left me money, they can not take it anymore.

To my friends? Bad business … friends and money.

Sell ​​things that I do not use in a second-hand website? I would not get five with what I have to sell.

So, what to do? What is really practical?

The answer is, surely, to look for some private financial entity that lends us the money and that does not demand the so hermetic conditions of the banks and boxes. There is no other if what you want is money instantly . Because, let’s be clear, if you have a solvent image before your bank, it is because you do not need to hurriedly request a small amount of money. Taking into account that we are talking about mini online credits , it is because the amount is going to be very modest. And if our bank, which previously sent us very kind letters proposing to buy this or that credit product, which went out of its way to be our best financial friend, tells us not to grant a mini-credit of 500 euros … turn off and let’s go. Like to go for a mortgage of hundreds of thousands of euros … 

So, based on the fact that many of us are outcasts to these kind but inaccessible institutions, we can only go to whoever is going to offer it to us: a private lender , a fast money company … mini credits online or as you want to call him.

It is true that the same interests are not paid, called honoraria by these companies, but at least they are willing to give us a vote of confidence against the passivity and secrecy of traditional banking.

Obviously this has a price, and it is not small. Interest skyrockets to stratospheric levels, especially when the amounts requested are so small (compared to “lifetime” credits). In any case, many citizens choose to ask for a mini credit. Especially people who are unemployed or included in records of defaulters. Very difficult that his bank would loan them under these conditions, however mini it. And we say “very difficult”, but I think that, just like us, you who read us, open your mind to the word “impossible”.

What only leaves one question … Is it worth it?

It is very possible that yes. Obvious that depends on the reasons you have and the rush to receive the money . Now, you have to be responsive and read the conditions established by these companies. It is very easy to go to your loan comparison and include a few amounts to know what they charge. But there can be more than that, if you do not pay, what is already expensive is very expensive. Do not hesitate, if you are going to apply for a mini credit online, make sure you can pay on time, because if you are not going to be charged a very high delay interest due to the delay. I do not think there is anyone who does not know this, but just in case, if it is your first mini credit, it is worth commenting.

Need money fast is something that has ever happened to us all, is not something new, much less in times of crisis. And it is also true that it is a problem that can be solved, but always calculating the costs and looking for parallel options that can get us out of trouble without having to request quick money products.