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Miniloans: when to order them and when not



It have come to Spain to revolutionize the market of financing and make competition to banks. The advantages of requesting a mini loan are many, since when processed online the whole process is much more agile and quick and, in addition, they allow money to be obtained from people to whom the bank has denied the credit.

Although the possibilities of getting quick and easy money are much higher than when we go to the bank, it is important not to be seduced by the mini-loans and use them responsibly. An excessive or little planned use of the online mini-loans at the moment can lead us to enter into an over-indebtedness which will be very difficult for us to leave.

When they are convenient 

When they are convenient 

It is a system of personal loans designed to obtain urgent money in a timely manner. These are some of the cases in which it suits you to request a mini-loan:

  • If there has been an unforeseen expense that requires an urgent financial response:
  • If you need it to get to the end of the month: You have received a higher bill than you expected and you have upset the accounts, it has been a month of higher than normal expenses (for example Christmas or back to school), etc.
  • To leave Financial Credit Institutions : If we are in Financial Credit Institutions, the banks will not grant us credit until we have made our name disappear from the list. Using a mini-credit to pay off our debt and delete us from the file can be a good solution. You should bear in mind that not all online mini-loan companies offer fast online loans with Financial Credit Institutions.
  • To take advantage of offers or discounts: If you have found a product or service that has a very attractive price but for a certain duration and at that moment you do not have enough money, the mini-loans can be the help you need.

When online mini-loans do not suit me

When online mini-loans do not suit me

As we have already indicated, fast online credits must be used on time and, although it is possible to request one mini loan after another, it is not the best practice. The ideal is to make good personal loans from our finances and not have to depend on loans for our subsistence:

  • When I can postpone my payments: If you have to make a very high outlay of money but can wait, it is always advisable to save the necessary money and not have to go to the mini-loans.
  • If you always need them to get to the end of the month: If you have to resort every month to the extra help of the mini-loans and you are chaining loans, we advise you to plan your finances, since the mini-loans are an expensive urgent money system and you will end up spending a lot money in fees.
  • At the moment that we are not sure that we will be able to return them: Mini-loans are expensive but, since we will have short repayment terms, they have a reasonable cost. However, if we pay late, the delay penalties will start to raise the cost of our microloan and may end up being very expensive.

As we can see, mini-loans are a good way to get fast and simple money and, if used responsibly, they can help us out of more than one economic hurry.

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