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Loan Rejected? Here is the solution!

Loan Rejected? Here is the solution!

loan declined, what to do?

Simple! credit has the solution! Request a Free Quote, even if another loan has been refused. Fill in the request form above and within the next 24 hours you will be contacted by one of our consultants to define the details of your request. In a practical and simple way, comfortably from your armchair, you can get a new personal loan.

Are you a bad payer? If employee or retired also in this case we have the Solution! Thanks to the transfer of the fifth and / or payment proxy you can get up to € 50,000 and repay your installments up to 120 months!

First of all, if has refused the first loan and intends to proceed with a new personal loan request, then you will have to take action to request the release. Subsequently, you must activate for the cancellation of the request from the database. As long as the reporting of the recently refused loan is present, it will be difficult to obtain new liquidity unless it is proceeded by transfer of the fifth and / or delegated payment.

Has refused your loan request? Request a free quote to credit now!