Prevention of Heartworm in Dogs

While canine heartworm is a very dangerous disease, it can be quite easy to prevent – especially if you know the proper way of doing so. Heartworms are primarily transmitted by mosquitoes. As such, they can only be prevented if and only if you keep mosquitoes out of your household. The best mode of prevention starts with the proper way of disinfecting your home and keeping it free from household pests like flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

Of course, you can’t totally control the activities of your pet. While you try to keep it inside your home, you don’t know if it goes out of your yard every once in a while, especially when you’re not looking. If your dog is playing unprotected outside, there are high chances that it will acquire heartworm and other types of diseases as well.

However, you can’t keep your dog inside your house every single minute of its life. Dogs need exercise too. This is most especially true with guard dogs and the bigger dog breeds. The moment your pet steps out of its comfort zone, it exposes itself to the risk of developing certain types of illnesses.

You can’t deprive your pet of living happily and fully just because you’re afraid that it will get sick and die. Other than physically protecting your pet from mosquitoes and the effects of heartworm, you are better off boosting its immune system instead.

Due to the prevalence of heartworm, veterinarians and big pharmacies tried to develop medications for the disease. They understand that this disease can take the life of pets, and so they researched deeply to create an effective cure for it. What they have made is a dog vaccine against heartworm. For it to work, it has to be administered on a monthly basis on your pet. By doing so, the dog’s body has a better fighting chance against heartworms.

The vaccine contains drugs that can destroy the larvae of the heartworm, which can find their way inside your dog’s body through a mosquito bite. The injection is usually administered by the vet and is given during the months where mosquitoes are breeding.

This vaccine is the most effective method of keeping your dog in optimum health at all times.
So if you live in an area where mosquitoes are freely flying about at night, keep your dog protected by asking a veterinarian to give it a heartworm shot. This way, your dog can go outside and play, even after sunset. That’s because it is protected from the ill effects of this disease.

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquito carriers. With just one bite, they can channel the microscopic eggs of the parasites into the bloodstream. There is a certain period of incubation that the eggs require in order for them to mature. After which, they will become fully-grown parasites that duplicate on their own. However, with the vaccines, the eggs deposited in the bloodstream won’t even have the chance to hatch. They will be poisoned almost immediately the moment they come in contact with your vaccinated pet’s blood.

Talk to your vet about the heartworm vaccine and request for your pet to receive one. With ample protection, there’s really no need to worry about the threat of heartworm.

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