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6 out of 10 Loans have some Linked Product

According to one of the financial comparator, 65% of the personal loans granted by the main financial companies that operate in the Spanish market have related products.

This means that the financing of more than half of the loans in the country is associated with some other product, whether it is contracting insurance, directing a payroll or opening a current account, among others.

However, this does not mean that the financial company forces you to contract another product to grant you some type of loan. The same study reveals that 76.9% of the financial products offered by the lenders do not require mandatory hiring of another product when requesting a personal loan.

In general these crowdlending companies offer discounts on interest for the financing of personal loans in exchange for the hiring of another product. These discounts can range from 0.5 to 3%, not bad depending on the amount you want to request. However, to opt or not for the link of another product when requesting a personal loan, we must calculate the discount offered and the possible costs that we may incur with the product to be linked, particularly if it is insurance; In other cases, such as the opening of a current account, it is unlikely that any additional costs will be incurred. In either case, accept the linked product or not, we must compare the advantages and disadvantages to choose the option that suits us best.

However, we are not obliged to go to these companies that offer consumer loans with linked products. At present, the Financial Technology places at our disposal different entities dedicated to the financial market willing to offer you credit products without any additional connection, not even operating with a current account of your establishment.

Although it is true that they are not the majority of companies, they still constitute a reliable source for seeking loans and financing for personal projects. In addition, the credit services offered by these companies do not have higher or additional costs and operate under the same parameters of the current legal course.

An example of these companies is Creditic Spain, where you can find a community of investors willing to personally finance your ventures or consumer needs without having to link the loan to any other product. This is an advantage that adds to the transparency and speed with which you can apply for the credit 100% online, without intermediaries and without extra commissions. You can visit the official website and simulate the costs of financing your project, review the product portfolio, the conditions offered, the amounts available for personal loans, etc.

With Creditic you can finance the purchase of a car (new or used), some furniture or household appliance, travel, pay the university, and many other personal projects, liquidating the loan in the account you want and without forcing you to link any type of product additional financial It is one of the many companies that you can find in the booming Spanish financial market.